About Us

Pillar Property Services, LLC was founded in January of 2000. Over the years, the company has grown substantially, from a very small portfolio to its current size, while continuing to offer excellent service to its clients (owners) and its customers (residents). Pillar’s Vision Statement is as follows:

To be recognized as one of the top professional property management, consulting and brokerage companies in Colorado that focuses on affordable housing and Homeowner Associations.

We pledge to instill:

  • Confidence in our clients by enhancing the value of their assets
  • Pride in our customers who live in our communities
  • Top-of-mind awareness of our professionalism in our present and future stakeholders

We will continually strive to sustain a high level of ethics and honesty toward all, while developing a strong sense of belonging for our employees.

Our slogan is “Affordable Housing…We know it. We live it.”

Pillar currently manages a portfolio of Section 42 tax credit properties and HUD-subsidized properties. A list of our current portfolio is in the Property Management section.